1. What is Bright Inside Bag and how does the lighting work?

Bright Inside Bags are unique wearable technology designed to make women life easier. Combining elaborate forms and newest technology working-out Bright Inside Bags are crafted to change the idea of how convenient your handbag can be. The light in the bag turns on automatically when you open it, and turns off when you close. In order to save charge of the battery integrated to the bag, the light will turn be off automatically after 2 minutes. Need to turn the light on again? No problem, simply close and bag’s flap to activate.

2. How can I charge my smartphone?

Everyone is facing the problem of smartphone low battery charge at the end of the day, that’s why we’ve integrated battery into the bag. Use USB-cable that comes in set with the bag to charge your phone whenever you like!

3. Can I charge any gadget from the bag?

Sure! Any gadget can be charged from the bag — iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows smartphones, etc. For gadgets with micro-USB output use one of USB-cables that come in set with the bag. For all other gadgets you can use original cables – all of them are perfectly charged in Bright Inside Bag.

4. Can I charge my smartphone and turn on the lighting in the bag?

Certainly! You can charge your phone and enjoy convenience of light inside your bag simultaneously.

5. How long does the battery in the bag hold power level?

It depends on the battery capacity — the batteries integrated in the bag start from 2600 mA/h to 10600 mA/h. But even with 2600 mA/h battery the lighting doesn’t take much – you can charge the battery once in a month. When you charge you phone from the bag you need to charge the battery more frequently.

6. When should I charge the battery in the bag? How can I find out that I need to charge it?

Bright Inside Bags have three battery power indicators – the bag is fully charged when all three indicators light up. You need to charge the bag’s battery when you see only one red indicator left. Indicators will start blinking successively, so you can be sure that it is charging.